Making healthy choices mainstream. 

At koh!, we make switching to healthy a no-brainer. Our purpose is to help our consumers make better food choices, without having to compromise. Our flavourful and low effort range of plant based food is fit for consumption through the day. 

We believe in feeding our bodies with nothing unnatural, so we work together with marginal farmers and advise them in residue free cultivation practices. We process all the produce using modern electrical dehydration technology that helps us increase the shelf life of our products hygienically without any addition of preservatives. Our stringent testing process ensures everything that comes to your kitchen is 100% real and nutritious with nothing artificial in it.

We wish to positively impact the way food is grown and consumed. 

Delicious. 100% real. Sourced ethically.  

So you choose health, everyday. 

- Keerthi, Founder & CEO, koh! foods