Why do we get sugar craving & How to stop the craving?

Why do we get sugar craving & How to stop the craving?

We all know the feeling: that desperate need for something sweet, no matter what time of day it is. Why do we get sugar cravings? Is it simply because sweets are delicious? Or is there something more to it? 

Research shows that sugar cravings are caused by a variety of factors, including stress, hormones, and even boredom. But no matter the cause, there are ways to combat those cravings. The best way to combat sugar cravings is to begin by understanding why you have these cravings in the first place. 

We're wired to crave sugar. Our bodies utilise glucose as their primary energy source, and our brains have developed to enjoy sweet food items. Sugar consumption triggers the mesolimbic dopamine receptor, which functions as the brain's reward mechanism. Dopamine, a feel-good chemical messenger, then releases and increases our desire for sugar. When we eat a lot of sugary food items, our brains adjust to demand more sugar to experience the same satisfying sensation. Also, the more sugar you consume, the more you want it.

We're made to love sweets; however, what causes us to need sugar? This desire could result from various causes, such as lifestyle, diet and environmental triggers. To learn more about the reasons you're craving sugar, scroll down for a detailed look at the top four causes and the best ways to deal with it if you're hit by a sweet craving.

4 Reasons You Have Sugar Cravings

Reason 1: Insufficient Calories

The sugar craving is because you did not eat enough or consumed the wrong foods. If you don't get sufficient calories, the body begins seeking out faster ways to help catch up. What happens? You want sugar! Sugar is a quick energy source, although it's not always the best.

How to Stop the Craving?

One way to solve this nagging issue is to pick something sweet with artificial sweeteners, you think? Wrong! This is so wrong. Artificial sweeteners may temporarily satisfy your craving for sweets. However, they fool your body into thinking that it's getting energy even though it's not. The body then searches for more calories in the form of... it's already known you're thinking... sugar, and you're back to where you were.

Reason 2: You Started an Unhealthy Habit

People smack their gums without even noticing they do it. Certain people have picked their fingers throughout their lives. Some people eat chocolate each day around 3 p.m. Because they consume an entire chocolate bar around 3 p.m. Yes, they have bad habits. When something becomes habitual, particularly when it comes to food, you need to think about whether I am aware of the fact that I'm doing it? Do I really want to continue doing it? Do I really like what I'm eating?

If you're feeling hungry and haven't eaten regularly throughout the day, avoiding the three p.m. vending machine routine is likely to be complicated. If you begin eating more frequently throughout the day and take an adequate (and the right kinds) amount of food, your defences are in place, and it's much easier to break your habit.

How to Stop the Craving?

One of the things we recommend to break this evening or post-dinner sweet habit (in addition to ensuring that macronutrients and calories are eaten) is to substitute the sweet treat with sweet and herbal tea. This is especially beneficial for chocolate addicts. The ritual of the afternoon can be the primary factor. Tea allows the tradition to continue however the sweet habit is to be removed. Naturally sweet teas like apple spice, or vanilla almonds that contain no calories and have nothing artificial added, are excellent choices.

Reason 3: Extra starch but not Fat or Protein

The cause of your sugar craving is that you have overeaten starch and did not eat enough fat or protein. If you consume a heavy and starchy meal, such as the massive pot of Biryani cooked by your grandma, it prepares you for an inevitable craving for ice cream. That Biryani, devoid of nutrients or fibre, is like eating a massive bowl of sugar, which will cause blood sugar levels to spike and then crash, leaving you craving more sugar! The calories you consume in that plateful of Biryani are absorbed quickly and do not make you feel full or satisfied.

How to Stop the Craving?

What should a Biryani do? First, practice proper portion control. Then, add a bit of ghee for healthy fat and also an amount of lean protein. Protein is essential for satiety and stops blood sugar spikes and drops that cause you to crave sugar after eating. 

Reason 4: Eating Salty Foods

When you dine out or consume processed or packaged foods, your food contains more sodium than you think. This is the case even when you're eating healthy, like grilled chicken and sauteed or steamed spinach from your favorite "healthy" restaurant. This is the reason why, often, the more salty food you eat will be, the greater your sweet desire.

How to Stop the Craving?

The first step is to be aware that it could occur to you. Being mindful can help lessen the desire. Ultimately, the more you avoid fries or chips, the less you crave doughnuts or cookies. If you consume more natural salty foods like olives or cheese instead of high-processed foods, the craving for sweets will decrease. You'll then choose naturally sweet foods, such as fruit or herbal tea, whenever you feel the urge.

See? Making healthier choices with whole food leads to more nutritious, whole foods, regardless of what you are craving.